The Satellites

The Orbitar Satellites are modeled after traditional poi balls, a weight on the end of a flexible cord to be spun in circular patterns. There are two Satellites, one for each hand. The Satellites each send wireless signals to the computer, which is then turned into audio data. By moving The Satellites around the Orbitarist can create and effect audio. The Satellites also contain RGB LED lights, which can also be altered live by The Orbitar Controllers, giving The Orbitarist the unique ability to create live sound and light compositions.


The Gloves

The gloves are used as the interface for switching performance parameters. They give The Orbitarist infinite ability to customize their performance live. Some examples of glove controls are: the ability to decide what instrument each Satellite will sound like, the ability to turn the Satellite LED lights on and off and/or change their color, the ability to loop audio compositions live, the ability to decide what types of effects each Satellite instrumentation will have, etc. The options for instrumentation and effects are completely customizable.