The Orbitar is temporarily on hold while Kate is researching the health benefits of poi for her PhD studies in New Zealand. Feel free to still use this guide and the files on GitHub as a resource, but the Orbitar board (which is necessary to complete the steps below) is not available at this time.



Modify the XBee Explorer

Before you can configure the Orbitar, you need to modify an XBee Explorer
by soldering a jumper wire from the DIO0 pin to the 3.3V pin as shown above.


Configuring the bluetooth bee

1. Insert the Bluetooth Bee into the XBee Explorer
2. Plug the XBee Explorer into your computer via USB
3. Download and open CoolTerm
4. Go to connection -> options ->serial port, and set the baud to 38400. This is the rate the terminal program uses.
5. It should now be connected. If you type "at" and then enter, you should get OK
6. Change the baud rate with this command: at+uart=57600,0,0. This is the rate the arduino uses.
7. To check if this worked, type: at+uart. You should get back: +UART:57600,0,0
8. Change the name with this command: at+name=orb1
9. To check if this worked, type: at+name. You should get back +NAME:orb1

Plug the Bluetooth Bee into the Arduino Fio.


Programmig the Arduino

1. If you have the Bluetooth Bee plugged into the Arduino Fio, remove it.
2. Plug the FTDI programmer into the right angle connector on the Arduino Fio (need picture).
3. Open the orb source code in Arduino. It is located in orbitar/arduino/orb/orb.ino
4. Pick the correct Arduino board. Click Tools pulldown, mouseover Board, click Arduino Fio.
5. Pick the correct serial port. Click Tools pulldown, mouseover Serial Port, and it should be something like /dev/tty.usbserial-something.
6. Click the Upload button.
7. It should say Done uploading when it's done and have no errors.
8. Plug the Bluetooth Bee back into the Arduino Fio.


Connecting the satellite via bluetooth to a Mac

1. Turn on the board with the little switch. The green light will come on if its on.
2. Click apple -> system preferences -> bluetooth
3. Turn bluetooth on. Click "set up new device". It will scan.
4. The Orbitar will show up as something that wasnt there before. Push continue.
5. It will fail. Hit passcode options and put in 1234 for the passcode. Hit ok and quit.
6. Turn the board off. Turn it back on.
7. You should now be getting data, test by opening the basic max patch.