Kate Riegle - van West

krvw@voortrek.com | www.voortrek.com

Kate Riegle – van West is the creator of the Orbitar. She is an interactive designer and musician focused on integrating corporeality and multimedia technology to alter the mechanical tendencies of the mind and body. She is also the founder of SpinPoi, a center in Chicago focused on teaching skill toys arts and providing the community with custom equipment.

Jacob Fenwick

jacob.fenwick@gmail.com | jacobfenwick.com

Jacob is a DIY maker at the Artisan's Asylum, educator at Nuvu Studios and lighting designer at Zebbler Studios. He has worked on many iterations of the Orbitar hardware and software. He enjoys reverse engineering reality and building synesthetic experiences that push the boundaries of art and technology.


Jordan Stefanelli

midinerd@gmail.com | www.youtube.com/midinerd

Jordan is the Orbitar MaxMSP programmer. He started his passion for MIDI and electronic music during his freshman year of highschool, hooking up an old Yamaha to his Pentium-1 computer.  This lead to rackmount hardware such as samplers, and synthesizers, and eventually moved on to computer-software based performance systems.  His interest in real-time systems lead him to become a Max/MSP enthusiast with a passion for bending number streams into musically legible results, and a genuine appreciation for meticulously-controlled sequencing.

Natan Wythe


Natan is an all-around educator, techy poi spinner, amateur programmer, and music theory nerd. He's pretty sure that poi spinning and music are basically the same thing. Natan has helped create soundscapes and Max patches for Orbitar performances, and can often be found writing max patches for music classroom use, engineering and mixing student records, foolishly attempting to manipulate three poi at the same time, and hopping spin festivals during summertime. 

Dr. Rod Riegle

Rod Riegle is a conceptual consultant. He is responsible for the terms and metaphors on which the Orbitar is based. Since he is constantly engaged in very deep thinking, interruptions irritate him and so he refuses to provide any contact information. Unless, of course, you are filthy rich and want to throw money at him. In that case, email Kate Riegle-VanWest ASAP.

Robert Guyser

robert@robertguyser.com | www.robertguyser.com

Robert Guyser is the developer of the Orbitar prototype. He designs and makes things. Attractive, high quality things. His specialty is designing and crafting experiences. It can be a traditional experience such as a website or consumer product, or a non-traditional experience such as a game show production or something more evocative of art. Over 12 years of experience allows him to work in several mediums and fields while still delivering high quality results.

Other helping hands

    Bryan Saner
    OrbitAra movement coach

    Joe Correia
    OrbitAra stage manager, creator of Orbitar Gloves,
    "The Making of the Orbitar" voice over

    Paul Catanese
    thesis project advisor

    Son of Akira
    sound bank contributor

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Albert P. Weisman Award, a private trust affiliated with Columbia College Chicago.